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Ballot Box White Acrylic No Lock

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Ballot Box White Acrylic No Lock, free standing or wall mountable

Price: £45.00 excl. VAT
£54.00 incl VAT

Ballot Box White Acrylic No Lock

This is a white acrylic box, with good capacity, but is supplied without a lock. An identical suggestion box is avaiable with a lock if this is required.

The height of this square (230mm x 230mm) ballot box is 400mm and the slot size is 190mm by 10mm.

It can be used as a free standing unit, or can be wall mounted, which makes it a very versatile ballot box.

Access to the contents is via the base of the unit.

A very stylish ballot box - we can also supply it custom made with a flap to cover the slot, so that it can be used outdoors.

At conferences and events, it is ideal for recycling conference badges, ribbons and lanyards.