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Free Standing Display Sphere

free standing display sphere
  • free standing display sphere

Free Standing Display Sphere, with a weighted square base and a 21cm clear sphere to hold small items

Price: £73.00 excl. VAT
£87.60 incl VAT

Free Standing Display Sphere

This is a free standing display stand, which is made from silver aluminium stand and topped with a 21cm clear styrene sphere to hold small items. The square base, which is 30cm by 42cm, is weighted to ensure extra stability. The stand is 86cm tall and the overall height including the sphere is 107cm.

While the sphere is small, it is still very useful for small items of merchandise, or to collect business cards, or to dispense treats such as individually sweets and chocolates to perk up visitors to your meetings and events. There is a matching desk top sphere if you need both types of collection options, and want to coordinate the look of your rooms, offices and venues.