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Custom Conference Name Badges

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Custom Conference Name Badges, made to your specification, special sizes, construction, printing

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Custom Conference Name Badges

Stablecroft are manufacturers and suppliers of conference badges and we have a stock range of products.

But often a customer has to find a badge to fit an unusual badge paper insert size, particularly if they are working with an overseas client, and they are unable to find a standard UK badge to meet their requirements.

While in many cases it would be more cost effective to scrap the existing artwork and reproduce it so that it will fit a readily available name badge, sometimes clients are very insistent that this is the exact size it has to be.

If so a custom name badge can be made, either for use with a lanyard, or with a fixed clip on the back of the badge. Often this can be done without making a special tool, which keeps costs down.

So if you are running a conference and find that your badge stationery does not exactly meet UK products, just contact us to see if we can help.