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Four Channel Literature Display Unit

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Four Channel Literature Display Unit, add accessories to make a custom display unit

Price: £118.00 excl. VAT
£141.60 incl VAT

Four Channel Literature Display Unit

This is a modern stylish modular display stand and base which can be customized to your requirements. The modular stand is 1920mm high with a square base 450mm by 450mm. There is a steel pole with a toe end cap and the unit is supplied in a silver powder coated finish.

Attachments slide down the 70mm by 70mm channel and are fastened into place. You can add leaflet holders, or banner arms, snap frames and shelves to create a custom display unit to meet your needs. The attachments you select are easily viewed from different angles and the sturdy unit can be modified by the removal or addition of attachments to suit different events, locations, foyers, conference stands or exhibition areas.