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Lanyard Sleeves Unprinted

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Lanyard Sleeves Unprinted, made from ribbon, they slip around a lanyard to add a coloured sleeve, or printed data

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Lanyard Sleeves Unprinted

This is a new product inspired by a customer’s application. The customer had a large quantity of pre printed lanyards for use at their site, but from time to time, they wished to add either a colour code to the lanyards, or an additional text, for a specific event or function.

The customer had made up a sleeve which didn’t look all that professional and was fiddly to use, so we designed and made up a simple sleeve which slipped over the breakaway section of the lanyard and provided a colour contrast or a printed message.

While these were made for a special lanyard which had multiple safety breakaway sections they can be made with a Velcro closure so they can be used on more standard lanyards.

Ideal if you need to identify staff at an event or other categories of guests.