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Water Bottles Including Foldable

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Water Bottles Including Foldable, capacities from 300ml to 1000ml, wide colour and style choice

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Water Bottles Including Foldable

Stablecroft can provide a wide range of water bottles without infusers which can be branded with your company logos and slogans.

Within the range are some bottles which can be folded when not in use. The main image is one of this type of water bottle. The sizes of the water bottles range from 300ml to 1000ml.

Some of the water bottles range are provided in a wide range of colours such as Translucent White, Black. Lime Green, Silver, Teal, Dark Green, Mid Green, Navy Blue, Mid Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Burgundy, Red, Orange, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, Solid White, Cyan. Other water bottles have a more limited colour choice of Black, Blue, Clear, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Yellow.