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Stablecroft Conference Products supply throughout the UK


Stablecroft Conference Products Limited is a family business which began trading in 1997.

As we are manufacturers of our core product range - badges, badge paper inserts, badge trays and badge cases - we can ensure that our items are always in stock - and on the very rare occasions we have a run on an item, we will be able to tell you when it will be available.

We are a small business, which means that you are not dealing with lots of people - your project will be supervised by one staff member and yes you are likely to get a reply to your enquiries over the weekend rather than a vacation response to say our office is closed! Sales and accounts are handled by the same department so if you have a query on either, you will obtain a fast response.

We don't take on work we can't do. If your deadline is too tight, we will tell you rather than find we are unable to supply in time. Of course things do go wrong, but if it does, we will resolve things as quickly as we can. We can't ensure that couriers don't get lost or run late, so if your deadline is critical, we will tell you the risks in going ahead and then you can decide what is your best option.

If you order by 12 noon on a stock item, the order will be usually despatched same day on a next day service. As some products are more bulky, and cost more to send, we reserve the right to advise the extra cost for a next day service on such orders. We can also offer timed deliveries if your order is ultra urgent.