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Lanyard Stands

Stablecroft’s lanyard stands are ideal to display name badge lanyards at conferences and events. Our lanyards trees are available both as desktop models or floor standing. The lanyard carousels have varying numbers of spokes or arms on which your lanyards can be hung so that your delegates can collect them when they are registering at your events.

Lanyards can often be a real nuisance at conferences, they refuse to stay on tables, spill all over the floor, get tangled up, they just won’t behave! The lanyard stands solve this problem, as you can tidy your lanyards away and locate them where it best fits the flow of your registration area. You can use multiple lanyard trees if you have different lanyards for visitors, delegates, exhibitors and you need them to find the right ones!

Easy to assemble and then pack away after your event, the lanyard trees make life much easier.

new lanyard small image