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Wall Mounted Signage

Tidy up your foyers, waiting rooms and reception areas with our wall mounted racks and signs. If you want to provide newspapers and magazines for visitors to read while they wait, our wall mounted magazine and newspaper racks keep your material off tables and tidy when not in use. They are available in metal, acrylic and wire mesh.

We can also supply wall mounted units for brochures, annual reports, leaflets, which again keep your venue and offices uncluttered while the contents are easy to access for browsing by visitors and customers. If you are organising trade events, exhibitions, and other get togethers, you can organize your promotional material so that it takes up limited space and keeps the floor space at a maximum for visitors to circulate.

Please note that unless specified as suitable for external use, all products should be for indoor use only.

406135 a4 silver
mesh wall brochure 1

A4 Magazine Rack 5 Pockets

Price from: £126.00 Each


A4 Wire Brochure Holder 3 Pocket

Price from: £27.90 Each


DL Leaflet Holder Wall Mounted

Price from: £3.18 Each

bhw160 1

Acrylic Leaflet Holder A5

Price from: £5.10 Each


A4 Poster Flip Book Display

Price from: £60.00 Each


A5 Leaflet Holder Landscape

Price from: £5.04 Each


A6 Leaflet Holder Portrait

Price from: £5.64 Each


Wall Mounted Sign Holder A4

Price from: £8.40 Each

wmhk 2

Acrylic Poster Kit Wall Mounted

Price from: £16.98 Each

asp 6

Stand Off Acrylic Poster Frame

Price from: £10.56 Each


Illuminated Poster Frame

Price from: £116.58 Each


LED Light Box Super Slim

Price from: £75.60 Each

frf 3

Fire Resistant Snap Frame

Price from: £16.80 Each


Information Board Wall Mounted

Price from: £219.60 Each

lbo12 1

Curved Poster Lightbox Display

Price from: £144.00 Each


Window or Wall Mounted Menu Case

Price from: £270.00 Each


Menu Case Wall Mounted Illuminated

Price from: £486.00 Each


LED Poster Lightbox A4 or A3 Sizes

Price from: £117.84 Each