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Covid-19 Products

Covid-19 Products

We really wish we didn' have to add this category to Stablecroft's products but there may be businesses out there who really needs these items and don't know where to source them.

We have sourced a wide range of return to work products from existing reputable suppliers, everything from screens in all shapes and forms, to safety message lanyards and ribbons, hand sanitiser holders and signage.

We are adding more products daily as more organisations are getting ready to return to work. As demand is high, availability will fluctuate accordingly. We have quoted prices which may also be subject to change, as raw materials price changes are impacting on products. If any changes in price occur when we process your order, we will advise and you can cancel if you prefer.

Please keep safe!

deskdivider1 small image

Sneeze Screen With Angled Top

Price from: £72.00 Each


Wrap Around Sneeze Barrier

Price from: £168.00 Each

premium check out sneeze barrier

Premium Checkout Sneeze Barrier

Price from: £480.00 Each


Flat Pack Sneeze Screen or Barrier

Price from: £147.60 Each


Counter Top Acrylic Sneeze Barrier

Price from: £198.00 Each


Retractable Queue Barrier

Price from: £114.00 per 2 Poles with Belt of 1

hanging desk 2

Hanging Acrylic Sneeze Barrier

Price from: £116.40 Each


Desk Divider With Window

Price from: £79.80 Each

corunavirus screen 1

Coronavirus Screen

Price from: £288.00 per Pack of of 10

desk divider2

White Foamex Sneeze Screen

Price from: £51.60 Each

correx sneeze screen

Table Top Sneeze Barrier

Price from: £42.00

covid 19 full length screen4

Covid-19 Full Length Screen

Price from: £198.00 Each

stand up hygiene screen

Stand Up Hygiene Screen

Price from: £138.00


Acrylic Sneeze Screens

Price from: £132.00 Each

social distancing lanayard 2

Social Distancing Lanyards

Price from: £108.00 per Pack of of 100


Pole and Rope Barrier for Social Distancing Control

Price from: £78.00 per Starter kit 2 poles 1 rope of 1

school desk divider

Classroom Desk Dividers

Price from: £228.00 per Pack of 6 of 1

school desk dividers pack of 20

School Desk Dividers White Correx

Price from: £265.20 per Pack of 20 of 1

school screen with window

School Desk Screen With Window

Price from: £471.60 per Pack of 20 of 1