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Acrylic Desktop Sneeze Guard

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Acrylic Desktop Sneeze Guard

Price: £72.00 excl. VAT
£86.40 incl VAT

Acrylic Desktop Sneeze Guard

This is a 5mm thick acrylic durable sneeze screen which is square in shape and clamps easily to your desk. It is 600mm tall and 600mm wide and 50mm deep. The clear acrylic enables easy visual and verbal communication while maintaining social distancing.

As it is lightweight and easy to fit, it is versatile to move around and re-deploy when required. It slots together quickly and has easy to use feet clamps to hold it in place and be sturdy. The acrylic is easy to clean, essential to maintain hygiene.

It is suitable to be used for office desks, receptions as well as retail checkouts. If you need more screens or upgrade existing ones, this is a simple but effective sneeze guard which can be easily moved and installed.