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Counter Top Acrylic Sneeze Barrier

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Counter Top Acrylic Sneeze Barrier, 80cm wide by 100cm tall

Price: £165.00 excl. VAT
£198.00 incl VAT

Counter Top Acrylic Sneeze Barrier

This is an acrylic and aluminium panel which is designed to be used as a freestanding unit on counters or receptions. It requires no difficult installation and offers protection to ensure staff and customers or visitors are shielded from germs.

There is an adjustable gap at the bottom of the screen to enable documents or items to be passed under the screen.

It can be used as a single unit or a row can be formed across a large counter or reception area.

The counter standing hygiene screen can be screwed to the desk or counter for additional stability. The support for the screen are wide enough 30cm to provide good stability and there is flexibility in the screen height, as it can be moved up and down to increase or decrease the document or payment exchange gap.

The screen is made from 4mm thick clear acrylic and it is just under 6kg in weight.