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Desk Screen 3mm Acrylic Covid-19 Barrier

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Desk Screen 3mm Acrylic Covid-19 Barrier

Price: £206.00 excl. VAT
£247.20 incl VAT

Desk Screen 3mm Acrylic Covid-19 Barrier

This is a new introduction to our product range and ideal for modifying offices and venues for return to work. This is a 3mm clear acrylic office desk divider, which enables you to transform a standard office desk into a cubicle.

The cubicle forms an open ended rectangle on three sides to shelter your staff and isolate them within acrylic walls to improve hygiene and prevent the spread of infection.

The screen can be used on almost all office desks and do not impair visibility which conventional screens and cubicles will do.

The system is made up of three Perspex panels with four connectors made in chrome finish. Once installed on the existing desk, they provide protection to staff on both sides and at the front, so that the only unprotected area is where the office chair sits. The rear panel can be adjusted up and down to take into account cable management and monitor arms. The side panels are help in place with adhesive connectors which enables them to be easily removed and re-sited.

There is a yellow edging to the panels so that the edge can be easily seen.

The side panels are 750mm wide by 700mm high and the rear panel is 950mm wide by 500mm tall. They will fit a desk with a minimum width of 950mm and minimum depth of 750mm.