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Lanyard Carousel Floor Standing With 24 Hooks

j11 6 new model
  • j11 6 new model

Lanyard Carousel Floor-standing With 24 Hooks, chrome plated, adjustable tiers, portable and lightweight

Price: £57.00 excl. VAT
£68.40 incl VAT

Lanyard Carousel Floor-standing With 24 Hooks

The J11/6 is one of Stablecroft's range of floor standing lanyard carousels, which is available complete with castors, and in a chrome plated finish.

Standing at 168.5cm or 5ft 6 inches, the floor standing carousel for lanyards has 4 tiers, each of which has 8 hooks - the hooks or prongs are 6 inches long (15cm).

If you are organising a large event and have to transport, display or hand out lanyards to your event delegates, you will know how much mess lanyards can make at registration. They take up a lot of space and often have a life of their own, throwing themselves of the registration desk, usually taking your conference name badges or conferences packs with them!

Here is an ideal solution to this problem, you can hang them on lanyard carousels, using a different carousel for Delegates, Exhibitors, etc, to make it even easier. They are out of the way and the lanyard carousels can be located where they do not interfere with the movement of your visitors through the registration process.

Stablecroft Conference Products have many products designed to make your life easier - such as our badge trays - if you want a tidy registration area, check them out.