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Collection Or Dispensing Spheres

Business Card Spheres are ideal for collecting business cards at meetings and events, or to display freebies or giveaways such as sweets or samples.

Made from acrylic, they are available either as a counter top or floor standing format. The floor standing spheres are suspended on metal frames which are sturdy but attractive. The spheres are 200mm and 300mm in diameter and the floor standing ones are 350mm to 900mm in height. They are made from 3mm clear acrylic and have a 15mm rim.

They are ideal for collecting information which is not confidential or to distribute goodies are your events, fill them with chocolates, samples of your products, whatever you want. They can work very well alongside our lockable ballot and suggestion boxes if you also have data that you need to keep under wraps.

business card collection sphere 6 jpg