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Display Sphere for Cards Sweets, Samples

business card collection sphere 3
  • business card collection sphere 3

Display Sphere for Cards, Sweets, Samples, 300mm diameter complete with stand

Price: £83.00 excl. VAT
£99.60 incl VAT

Display Sphere for Business Cards, Sweets, Samples

This is one of Stablecroft’s spherical business card collectors which are available in various sizes and forms. This one is transparent with a diameter of 300mm and an opening diameter or aperture of 125mm. It is also available in a larger size, with a diameter of 400mm and an opening of 125mm also. The sphere is mounted on a stand so it is held off the desk at a higher level.

This model is suitable for a registration desk, counter top or a plinth. It is ideal to collect business cards, or tickets, and also can be employed to display and dispense chocolates, sweets, or small product samples. It can be used in various locations throughout a large event and is light and easy to transport to and from venues.