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Adjustable A3 Display Stand

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Adjustable A3 Display Stand. Suitable for indoor use only.

Price: £14.50 excl. VAT
£17.40 incl VAT

Adjustable A3 Display Stand

This is a floor standing A3 display stand which has an adjustable pole. It can be adjusted in height from 320mm to 620mm and is made from shatterproof plastic with a powder coater steel base which is scratch and corrosion resistant.

The display frame is double sided in A3 size and can be used in portrait or landscape whichever is required. The base and frame are black, blue, grey or white, with a silver telescopic adjustable pole.It can adjust from 32cm to 62cm and is one of the smaller stands.

This is one of the lighter poster display stand so position is carefully and if possible place the base under a unit to anchor it or in a position where it is difficult to dislodge.Suitable for indoor use only.

We have other units which are heavier duty if your requirement is in a busy area with lots of traffic. Ideal for indoor use though can be used at entrances to restaurants inside malls and shopping centres. We have a wide range of poster stands, check out our other options.